Herbs that Support Kidney Function and may Help Cure or Ease the Symptoms Associated with Feline Kidney Disease
Herbs for a cat with kidney disease or c.r.f. chronic renal failure
     Q: what all natural herbal formula or herbs can I give my cat help support the kidneys function, cleanse the blood,and fight kidney infection?

      A: Subcutaneous fluids or sub-q fluids administered by your vet on a regular basis is one of the absolute best and necessary things you can do for your cat! I cannot stress this enough. Depending on how far the disease has progressed, one bag of fluids that can cost anywhere from 10- 30 dollars depending on which vet you buy it from, can last you anywhere from one week to one month. And the vet should not charge you to administer it each time. They only charge you for the bag of fluids, the needles and the iv. line The pain is minimal and just lasts a couple seconds and it only takes 5-10 minutes to administer just under the skin. If your cat gets very stressed out at the vet or with strangers, you should request or demand to be present in a room with the technician during the administration. Any vet that says no has something to hide.If they are a super busy practice, I would strongly consider switching to a vet that has a very slow paced calm atmosphere so your cat can get the attention it needs without being subject to the chaotic environment that goes on behind closed doors. I know all too well about very ill cats that were mishandled or mistreated because the technicians were too busy to have time to care how your cat felt emotionally, if it was comfortable or if it was scared out of its mind by the big dog being treated on the table just a few feet away from it or other dogs being walked through that treatment room to and from their boarding kennel. I used to work for a very prominent, high class vet clinic in Las Vegas that catered to the rich. Everyone absolutely loved all the doctors and they knew their stuff. But they were so busy, they didn't have the time to care or coddle. Don't form your opinion of the quality of care your cat is getting based on the friendly, loving receptionists. They are not the ones performing the treatment on your cat behind closed doors. I personally prefer an all cats vet hospital or even better, a holistic vet!

     A: Vitamineral Green by HealthForce Nutritionals formulated by naturopathic doctor, Jameth Sheridan This is an excellent product that I've used personally that helped quickly rid me of horrible kidney infections that kept reoccurring for a couple years. If only I knew of this product when my cat was still alive. It also is loaded with all kinds of things like organic wheat grass, dandelion leaf, burdock root, spirulina, kelp, alfalfa, chlorella, nettle, natural soil organisms an absolute must for kidney infections} digestive enzymes and plenty more.
The spirulina is an ingredient in the VitaMineral Green product that is not only a great source of b vitamins which renal failure cats tend to be deficient in; it also contains high amonts of Pycocyanin which has been shown to just support kidney function, but also to help protect against kidney failure!

By the way in case you didn't know, probiotics are good bacteria that kill off the bad bacteria in the body and is the immune system's first line of defense. An example of probiotics are acidophillus which there are many strains of and they live in the small intestine and bifidus which lives in the large intestine. These may sometimes be found in some brands of yogurt but are not nearly concentrated enough to do any real good in killing off bad bacteria. Also, anytime your cat has taken any antibiotics, or prescription medication of any kind, you are killing off the bad as well as the good bacteria -these probiotics. That's why you feel so lousy when you take antibiotics. I realize sometimes an infection or ailment is so bad that it becomes life threatening and you should go ahead and use the medication. Just do your cat a favor and also give them the probiotics at least an hour before or after you give the medication. If you just want to give your cat probiotics and do not want to try the VitaMineral Green, you can buy some at any healthfood store. Try to get the non flavored liquid kind for your cat who should enjoy the taste.

You can buy VitaMineral Green from Whole Foods market and possibly your local healthfood stores will be willing to order it for you or you can order it from their website which would probably be much cheaper.

Here is the website address and phone number: www.healthforce.com 1-800-357-2717

      Q: What can I give my cat to make their urine more alkaline (less acidic) and therefore increasing its ph level?

     A: See My Web Page On: acidosis Dosage for VitaMineral Green: Since this is an all natural food and has no added synthetic vitamins or minerals, you cannot overdose on it. However, since it encourages the body to detoxify itself, you can put the body under a bit of stress if you detox too rapidly. You will know you are detoxing yourself or your cat too rapidly if diarrhea is experienced regularly. In this case, cut the dosage back until normal bowel movements are experienced. For a 10lb. cat I would only give 1/8th to 1/4tsp in the morning and in the evening mixed with moist food or with a small amount of filtered water given with a dropper in the mouth a little at a time so they don't choke. It can also be mixed with plain or vanilla yogurt instead of water in a dropper or syringe to diguise the taste. Kitty may struggle a bit but the couple minutes of stress is very much the benefits this product has to offer. And the more you do it, Kitty will come to know what to expect and will eventually stop struggling against your efforts so much. You can get droppers or syringes from the infant section in a grocery store or from your vet, usually for free. Make sure you thoroughly wash the syringe or dropper after every use!

     A: I reccomend staying away from uva ursi as a way of getting rid of an infection since prolonged use is toxic and it can cause stomach distress. I also would stay away from juniper berry since it can actually irritate the kidneys, increase the stomach acid and therefore upset the stomach which will decrease the appetite. If you are considering using burdock as an herb for blood cleansing, you should know that it interferes with the body's ability to absorb iron and most renal failure cats are anemic.Also, while garlic is a wonderful all around herb, blood cleanser, and natural antibiotic, it may be great for your dog but it causes anemia in cats and usually upsets their stomach. Goldenseal is another "no no" for cats with chronic renal failure since it will deplete the cat's b vitamins which they are already usually depleted because of the disease.

     Q: What can I give my cat to prevent or deal with constipation?

     A: Again, VitaMineral Green will keep your cat very regular and if you see that the stools are too loose, then you need to cut back on the dosage. Other than the possibility of diarrhea, you cannot overdose on this product and to the best of my knowledge, there is nothing in it that can harm a cat. I give it to my tiny bird every day and he is very healthy. It is super nutritious!

     A: The other thing that totally prevents constipation is the sub-q fluids. The cat gets constipated to to dehydration caused by the cat constantly urinating in an attempt to filter out the waste or uric acid in the blood that is built up by the food and other factors. The cat cannot possibly drink enough water. As a side note; please make sure you give kitty bottled water! Anything else is taxing the kidneys even more. Also, it's a good idea to ask your vet about adding b vitamins to the fluids since the frequent urination causes the cat to become depleted. I personally would not give them orally in a liquid form since any vitamin will probably upset your cat's stomach and cause them to lose their appetite or vomit and you may have your hands full just worrying about trying to get food in your cat's tummy and possibly have to deal with force feeding them. If you have to force feed anything, do the bare essentials only: the food and the Vitamineral Green. Don't do what I did and play around with a bunch of seperate herbs and trying to get them down your cat's throat. You will stress them and yourself out and probably upset their stomach. Use the VitaMineral Green FORMULA! It has everything in it your cat could possibly need! I cannot stress this enough to you and NO, I am not getting paid to tell you this!

     A: Never give any diuretic herbs such as uva ursi, dandelion or hydrangea if the cat is already in a state of dehydration which is a common thing with c.r.f. cats.

     Q: What herbs can I give my renal failure cat that will help dissolve kidney stones, get rid of a kidney infection and relieve inflamed kidneys?

     A: See my web page on kidney infections and stones.

     Q: What herb will increase my c.r.f cat's appetite?

     A: Alfalfa, chamomile, peppermint & milk thistle.
You have to be careful here because there are plenty of other herbs that will increase the appetitie, but that will also increase the stomach acid which is already very high in a renal failure cat and is one large reason for the loss of appetite in the first place. I am pretty sure these herbs won't do that. So this leads us to our next question related to poor appetites in renal cats.

     Q: What herbs can I give my cat to prevent nausea, vomitting and neutralize excess stomach acid?

     A: slippery elm in an ALCOHOL FREE tincture form or powder form that you can mix with water and/or your acidophilus powder - This coats the stomach, esophogus and instestines. It is also excellent for getting rid of painful mouth ulcers these cats often develop due to too much stomach acid. Mint is also great for soothing a raw stomach but they probably won't eat it in live plant form and you don't want too much fresh chlorophyll anyways since that increases stomach acid. So again, you would need an ALCOHOL FREE tincture. Alfalfa in tincture form will help to increase appetite- only - tiny drops 2-3 x's a day are needed for a 10 lb cat. It's also loaded with b vitamins and potassium that c.r.f cats are deficient in. And lastly, to help reduce nausea: caraway, and a homeopathic product called nux vomica Be sur to ask a holistic vet what the dosage would be for your cat. I have never used this product but my understanding is that people cannot overdose on homeopathics. But I woudl not want to put that to the test on a sick cat. I have never tried these last 3 herbs. Please visit my other web page on acidosis since it plays a huge role in your cat's stomach acid and nausea/vomitting problems.

     Q: What is an all natural form of potassium or what herbs are high in potassium?

     A: Alfalfa would probably be the best choice for a c.r.f cat. It may not be higher in potassium than dandelion or parsley however, you do not want to use either of these other two if the cat is dehydrated, has an upset stomach (dandelion creates more stomach acid) or if the kidneys are inflamed (parsley will aggravate kidneys more). Please be aware that you cannot overdose on food or herbal sources of potassium since if you do ingest too much, your body can easily excrete the rest through the urine etc. But- you CAN overdose on synthetic or manmade potassium vitamin supplements! Blood potassium levels should be monitored regularly by your vet especially if giving a synthetic form of potassium. You can easily cause a heart attack.

     Q: What all natural herbs can I give my chronic renal failure cat for high blood pressure?

     A: reishi mushroom in alcohol free tincture form that they will hate the taste of, parsley, gotu cola or chervil, hawthorn which I think might be your best bet. Tincture is always more potent and works much quicker than capsule form and is easier to administer and monitor the dose.