Websites That Focus on Specific Dog Health Issues

Addison Dogs

Dogs with Addison's disease support group & info. Learn about medications, complimentary therapies, life and longivity, other health issues related to Addison's disease and more.

Deaf Dog - "Deaf dog education action fund"
Provides education and funding with the intention of saving the lives of deaf dogs. General resources as well as training & rescue info for dogs that are deaf.

Canine Epilepsy Network
Describes and discusses the different types of seizures and what causes them. Find out how epilepsy is treated and the different types of alternative therapies available.

Blind Dogs
Aside from all sorts of helpfull info about blind dogs, this website also maintains a current list of blind dogs for adoption & rescue links. Also maintains a mailing list and message board for blind dog owners to find help & support.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Learn about hip displasia, elbow displasia, patellar luxation and genetic screening information. Contains links to lots of other websites with orthopedic info mostly related to dogs.

Canine Diabetes
Almost anything you want to know about canine diabetes can be found here. Discusses different therapies and stablization of insulin levels. Also has a blood glucose concentrations chart.